eMoney Advisor Spending Redesign


eMoney Advisor provides a suite of financial products to help financial advisors and their clients talk about money. Within the client site, there is a spending section that tracks and categorizes transactional data aggregated from all of the user’s connected accounts. In this project, I helped bring two new features to the spending section of the client site.


To redesign the spending section to reflect the recently adapted component library. While we are there partner up with customer support to help define what solutions would create the most positive impact for our users.

Redesign with new components

Use the new component library to redesign the page.

Partner up with customer support

Work with customer support to help define the best solutions.

My Role

For this project, I led the UI/UX design of everything that surrounds the homepage. Since we where in the initial stages of developing a component library we had room to experiment with the UI.


Our customer support team presented the top product suggestions they had recorded on UserVoice and together we picked two new features to tackle:

  • Create custom top-level spending categories
  • Ability to add/upload manual transactions


I got together with my product owner and my lead developer and we started sketching based on the features requested by our users.


Considering what we learned from our initial research, I started wireframing some initial concepts.

Add Transactions Decision Screen

Add Manual Transactions

Add Top Level Categories


I created some clickable prototypes in InVision which we used for testing and later to visually aid the creation of Jira stories for the development team.

Upload Transactions

Add Manual Transactions

Add Top Level Categories


We set up presentation sessions at our yearly summit to show the high fidelity prototype and gather as much preliminary feedback as I could from our customers. The presentations where very well received and we had various people asking when the features would be live.

Design Solution

The new client spending section and its two new features were designed using our newly established component library called Kyber. Thanks to the work done on this project, we created unique design patters that would later be added to the component library.


The result is to be determined as this is still in active development. I am no longer the designated designer on this project as I was backfilling until they hired a dedicated designer. But I do keep in touch with the development team and keep an eye out for the demos they have.

What I learned

Sometimes feature requests may hint at the lack of discoverability of other features or links:

  • Although not the main reason for this feature request, the “add manual transactions” feature had to do with the lack of discoverability of the “split transactions” feature.